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newfoundland music
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This is a community for musicians from Newfoundland and Labrador. Post shows, website links, photos, or anything else concerning Newfoundland music.

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...from outer space, .roundelay, 709 prophets, a select few, about samneric, after silence, backseat driver, bank robbery, beaumont hamel, birds, bob marleys dead, bung, call the ambulance, ched, children of eve, cyprian, de-mons, decoy daisy, dog meat bbq, endearing perversion, endless echo, eternal mishap, exploder, faster miles per hour, fatal omission, flatline, gaining ground, gungnir, gutterbomb, hollywood rose, howl, ian foster band, in case of emergency, incidium, inner terror, iron works, jigger, kuroda, kyle's birthday, leather tuskadero, lizband, love hijacker, madman orchestra, magnus rising, mopey mumble mouse, moral less right, national whore crisis, negative image, nice guy eddie, not a test, o'briens ticket booth, palaver, paul carcass, pockit rockit, prometheus, reign of smith, second last, sheavy, skull face & others, small town rivals, sound corruption, steve parsons, steve rocks, stn, swords, the antics, the black bags, the coast guard, the corduroys, the does, the embarrassments, the firewires, the fusion band, the haters, the ian foster band, the jill porter band, the laxitives, the m.o.'s, the mudlarks, the novaks, the triceratops, trailer camp, trimmed naval beef, union made, waiting for castro, werewolf, wildflowers, yesterday's hero